Career Services

Most people who call us know of Career Counseling Connecticut through their own trusted sources. We fully understand the challenge of meeting with someone found through a web search. For that reason, we provide detail on what we do.

We help people figure out (1) their career paths (2) plan a strategy to get there and (3) help tactically as needed.

Regarding the first part, this is some type of “art” in the sense that it is a hard to explain a skill that involves matching someone’s skills/personality preferences with real world work. But, this is unquestionably the most valuable thing we do.  (See Blink by Malcolm Gladwell for an explanation on how experts work in nuanced fields).

Regarding the second part, some people know generally what they want to do but do not have the practical know-how to get there.  Our work here helps people efficiently move forward.

Regarding the third part, interviewing/resume creating/networking etc. are all components needed in the job hunt/career search.  We help as needed.

To learn more about how we can help you call (860) 510-0410 or email