Does your career match your moral values?

Have you read Bad Blood? Great book.  It details the demise of a highly touted Silicon Valley company Theranos and the deception of Elizabeth Holmes who by many accounts is a highly functioning sociopath.   Sociopaths often destroy those close to them. But Holmes was brilliant and captivating enough to potentially destroy the lives of […]

Career Search During The Pandemic

This has certainly been a fascinating year for Career Counseling Connecticut. Yes, every business has been affected in different ways by the pandemic, most bad but some good and I suppose we’ve been very fortunate to be in the latter category. It turns out that the pandemic did have some benefits. People had greater time […]

Need a therapist? Or a New Job?

People fascinate me.  My life’s work has been devoted to helping others and among my very few gifts is the ability to understand my clients deeply in order to guide them to careers that will make them happy.  To do so, I’ve read dozens (hundreds?) of books that are in the psychological/self-development realm. I am […]

The Lost Boys… Young Men Who Have Not Launched

A recent Wall St. Journal article focused on boys… really young men… who have given up college: At the close of the 2020-21 academic year, women made up 59.5% of college students, an all-time high, and men 40.5%, according to enrollment data from the National Student Clearinghouse, a nonprofit research group. U.S. colleges and universities […]

The Post-Labor Day Career Blues

When Career Counseling Connecticut opened, it was around the time of the Great Recession. Now we in what has been termed the Great Resignation. Back then…. a mere 12 years ago… many of our career counseling clients were eager to find a new job. Having been laid off from what they thought was secure employment, […]

Meaning and Purpose: The Main Reason for Career Happiness

“So, what’s the goal, to be Senator or something?” About twenty five years ago, I was a young public service attorney. I was visiting my high school friend who was with his wealth manager friend. The friend – Steve – was gregarious and direct. But he was also as shallow as the caricature of the […]

Want better mental health? Get a better job.

We are facing an epidemic well beyond Covid. Mental health issues have been rising dramatically well before the pandemic. The last year and a half has accelerated mental health decline but “we” – young people in particular – were becoming less mentally healthy for the last couple of decades. There are many factors underlying this […]

If you are not yourself at work, then time to change careers

I recently was working with a career counseling client who said something that I’ve heard before but he put it well: “There is work guy Max and there is the real Max. Only about 50% overlap. That’s probably why I’m unhappy 50% of the time.” My own work history mirrors this sentiment.  When I was […]

Is it the “right time” to switch careers?

The pandemic has been the proximate cause of “The Great Resignation.” Time to reflect has been a gift. A client recently noted that she was desperate for a career change but that “this is not a good time”. There was nothing out of the ordinary about her current situation. In other words, there was no […]

Does your career primarily consist of “your people”?

As I sat in my first year dormitory of law students, I had my one of my first realizations that the law had some but not a lot of my people. And I would discover as time progressed that those who were my people would end up taking unusual paths in the law as opposed […]