People fascinate me.  My life’s work has been devoted to helping others and among my very few gifts is the ability to understand my clients deeply in order to guide them to careers that will make them happy.  To do so, I’ve read dozens (hundreds?) of books that are in the psychological/self-development realm.

I am also generally a big fan of psychologists.  While not all are effective, most all are well-meaning.  They want to help others.  They want to make a difference.  Most all stay in their lane.  They do not claim to be financial advisors or legal advisors.  But some claim to be career advisors.  They are not.

Some of my clients, however, see therapists when the root of their problem is a mismatched careers as opposed to a psychological issue that cannot be readily solved by an external factor.

It would be like going to a psychologist to help you with swollen knee. Sure, you might have anxiety due to the problems caused by your injured knee but a medical doctor is the one who will fix the root problem that will rid you of both the bad knee and the anxiety surrounding the knee.

If you have general anxiety disorder, see a therapist.

But if you are having anxiety related to your career, make an appointment with Career Counseling Connecticut.