Career Opportunity Cost

Career change
Your time is being wasted

“I should have come here years ago.” Taylor said as she explained her work drudgery. Much like many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients, Taylor, manager in a small business in the Hartford area, had found her job through circumstance – her friend’s Uncle was the owner – and had stayed because the job “wasn’t that bad.”  And, much like many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s first time clients, she left with the thought that she should not have wasted so much time doing what she did not want to do.

Taylor had heard of the concept “opportunity cost” before in a college economics course.  But she had not applied the concept to herself.  It may be the single most important concept that economics can teach.  Time spent doing something you don’t want to do is time given up for doing what you do want to do.

Whatever you are doing right now for your career is preventing you from doing something else that is better.

The challenge facing many of my clients is that they drift from year to year losing more time in opportunity cost.  Many seem to think that something will happen that will give them a better career path.  It doesn’t.  You – and only you – have to take control of your career path.

Whatever you do, DO something.  No more waiting.  No more opportunity cost.