Career Trends in 2023

I have been running Career Counseling Connecticut for 15 years.  I started at the time of the Great Recession.  At the time, I was monitoring career trends and commented to several media outlets that we were undergoing more career change as a society than at any time in history.  Yes, even more than the Industrial […]

Common Mistakes Made By Job Seekers

“Could you please tell my son to change is cover letter based on the job?” So said an exasperated mother from Fairfield, Connecticut. From her perspective, young people were graduating college without any understanding of how to apply for jobs. “Most just send blanket applications through Indeed.”  She knew as she was the hiring manager […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Go Connecticut!!!!

I am not a Connecticut native.  I grew up in New Jersey.  I lived in Washington, DC and Philadelphia for about a dozen years and then settled in Connecticut as a sort of Switzerland for my wife’s Boston based roots and my New York based culture.  Oddly enough, I look going to Boston more than […]

Career Counseling for The Post-Pandemic Work Place

Career Counseling Connecticut has been providing career counseling for nearly 15 years. We started around the time of Great Recession. We quickly developed a reputation for understanding the New World of Work and much of what we predicted would happen in the 2010s did occur.  We now are in our new phase of postpPandemic work […]

Why is your career such a big part of your identity?

It just is. That’s a really unsatisfying answer.  But – idealist that I am – I can’t deny human nature. We all make judgments based on “shorthand.”  Some part of that shorthand is based on what someone does for work. “What do you do?” That may be the most common “get to know you” question. […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Time to thrive again!

Maybe it’s the optimist in me showing but does it seem that things are looking a bit brighter?  To be clear, I am well aware of the various challenges facing us all and only decline to list since all statements these days take on needlessly political angles.  Suffice to say, I know there are challenges […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: We have become a mental health resource

In the last few months, I have had many parents call Career Counseling Connecticut on behalf of their children.  The stories are reasonably similar.  Their children – seemingly more sons than daughters – graduated in the last few years from college or are in the midst of “interrupted college” = and have not developed career […]

Career Counseling 2023: Are you happy to be back at work?

I know…. I may have just asked a rhetorical question that in this case means “no” for you. But that’s not the case for some. Yes, of course, most everyone would prefer vacation to work, even enjoyable work. Yet, for some, the start of the week after a prolonged vacation is welcomed or at least […]