Career Counseling Connecticut: The Time is Now

I am retelling a pre-pandemic story. There is a well known restaurant in Madison, CT  where “Lucy” is one of its hostesses.  Three years ago, she set up a meeting for career counseling.  When she came in, I recognized her and said “don’t you work at X restaurant?”.  She smiled but it was one with […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Interacting With US Will Create Action

“Jerry” was miserable in his job and career path. But, he felt stuck.  He was 32. Young, from my vantage point, but old, from his view, to switch careers. Having graduated from college mostly clueless about what he really wanted to do, he wound up working in a small business in Stamford, CT.  After a […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Get out of the Indeed black hole

Louis was frustrated.  I have sent over 50 job applications through Indeed.  I received a few computer generated responses that asked for more information or to do preliminary testing.  Otherwise, nothing. The Indeed/Job Board Black Hole. Do not go onto Indeed until you know what have a career/job vision. When you figure out what you […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Why wait for a better career?

With great serendipity, “John”, one of my closest friends from law school had a business trip to Los Angeles at the same time as my family trip.  John has been unhappy in his legal career for many years.  He is one of the most creative, interesting, and entertaining people I’ve ever met.  My wife thinks […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Happiness leads to Career Success

Many moons ago, I walked into the law library of my large Washington, DC law firm.  One of the partners was reading a journal of recent legal decisions.  As he sat in a large reading chair as if he were reading a great novel, the partner I was standing next to noted: “Alex does this […]