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Francie Penny
Health care career counselor Dr. Francie Penny

Dr. Francie Penny, BSN, RN, MPH

If you are considering a health care career in Connecticut, then Career Counseling Connecticut is fortunate to have the best health career counselor in Connecticut to help you.

Americans are living longer. That’s great news generally. But, for those seeking careers in health care, this demographic shift will lead to thousands of new health care jobs in Connecticut.

We have counselors who work with our career counseling clients in all areas, including health care exploration. But, we are fortunate to have a health care career counseling expert on staff in Francie Penny.

Francie Penny’s nearly 30 years of health care experience started as a student at Georgetown University where she completed her BSN in Nursing. After working in Mt. Sinai in New York as well as Georgetown Hospital in Washington, DC, Francie spent time in Europe before heading to California where she also worked as a nurse at San Francisco General Hospital.

Francie was then admitted to the nation’s number one school for public health, Johns Hopkins, and earned her Masters In Public Health while engaged in cutting edge clinical research and adding Baltimore to the list of cities where she served as a nurse. Francie then worked in the private sector as a health care consultant in both Philadelphia and Washington, DC. In Washington, DC, Francie also worked at one of the nation’s largest health care not-for-profit organizations.

After moving to Connecticut to raise her three children, Francie worked in a variety of health care settings included St. Raphael’s Hospital, Hartford Hospital, and Middlesex Hospital. Further stints as a school nurse, a home health care nurse, and as a Program Director at a Connecticut not-for-profit rounded Francie’s extraordinarily varied health care career.

Francie was awarded a Graduate Fellowship as well as the highly prestigious Jonas Scholarship to pursue her doctoral studies at The University of Connecticut where she taught clinical students.

After receiving her doctorate, Francie is now a Professor at Southern Connecticut and an adjunct faculty member at Georgetown University

Francie has been interviewed by NBC, CBS, and FOX News in relation to her various health care expertise.

Francie’s extensive health care background coupled with her hilarious, engaging manner makes her a client favorite.