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We fully understand the challenge of meeting with someone you found through a web search.

For that reason, we provide an enormous amount of free career counseling advice in our blog  We also provide curated free career counseling advice in our featured articles.  Or just research Daryl Capuano.  Our founder is the CEO of The Learning Consultants, Connecticut’s largest private educational consultancy, an author, and a professor. 

Our interactive work with our career counseling clients is at a higher level but our writing should give you a way to evaluate our general career counseling expertise.   There was an old TV commercial with the slogan “an educated consumer is our best customer.”  That is the case here as well.

For those who want the best

What do we do?

We help our career counseling clients figure out

We help our clients create their:

(1) ideal career vision

(2) strategy to make their vision a reality


(3) help tactically as needed

  • job search
  • interview prep
  • cover letters
  • resumes
  • graduate school applications

For those who want more detail, we are happy to provide!

Career Vision

Regarding the first part, this is some type of “art” in the sense that it is difficult to explain a skill that involves matching someone’s skills/personality preferences with real world career paths.  But this is unquestionably the most valuable thing we do.  (See Blink by Malcolm Gladwell for an explanation on how experts work in nuanced fields).  If you have ever worked with a genuine expert in any field, then you can understand the value of guidance from someone with both experience and brainpower to help you.  From doctors to auto mechanics, you have trusted the advice of experts.  Our expertise is in career coaching.  While we realize that there are a few others who can also claim this ability, our reputation is foremost.  Those who are making high stakes decisions about their career path and who live in Connecticut find us because they know we are the best.

Career Strategy

Regarding the second part, some people know generally what they want to do but do not have the practical know-how to get there.  Our work here helps people efficiently move forward.  Job searching strategy has become complicated in the new world of work.  Those who have been applying with little success within the Indeed or Monster black holes of job search likely need our expert help. We have teamed up with a job search expert who is a master of job search computer algorithms.  We also have distinct expertise in the best strategies to navigate the challenge of networking.   

Career Tactics

Regarding the third part, we have mastered the craft of job tactics. Interviewing and resume-cover letter creating are all components needed in the job hunt/career search. Most of our career counseling clients not only are not inexpert in these areas but also are unaware that they are making critical mistakes that are stopping them from achieving career success and happiness.In a nutshell, that’s what we do and for those who feel comfortable moving forward, contact us to discuss the next steps.

But some of you – perhaps many of you! – are skeptical.  If so, read on.

Do I need a career counselor or career coach?

Many of you might be asking “do I need a career counselor or career coach?”

If you are reading a career counseling site, the answer is “yes”.  But only if the coach or counselor is effective.

While “life” can be sliced into many components, three dominant areas are easy to identify: (1) Relationships (2) Personal and (3) Work.  For those who have challenges with their marriages or children, seeing an effective counselor is usually a good option.  For those who want to enhance something in their personal lives – fitness as one simple example but lessons of any sort would do – getting a trainer or coach is also commonplace.  For reasons dealing with the historical increase in the complexity of careers, career counseling has only become more common in the last decade but has become – and will become – an increasing advantage for many in the current world of work.

Your career is incredibly important to your psychological and practical well-being. Doing whatever you can to ensure a happy and successful career makes sense.

The question then is not whether you should get a career counselor or a career coach but rather “who” should I get?

Most people who call us know of Career Counseling Connecticut through their own trusted sources. That is usually is the best way to know “who”.

For others, we urge you to read articles on our site and do further comparative research about either our lead counselor Daryl Capuano or Career Counseling Connecticut.