Expert Resume Guidance

“I now understand how to create a resume that gets past computers and into the hands of decision makers.”  Audrey B., Branford, Connecticut

Create an amazing resume

You are applying for a job in your intended career. You found what you think is the proper resume template. You followed what you thought were the rules of resume creation. You described your educational and work history in the proper bullet point format. But, you are not getting calls for an interview. Sure, it could be the economy. And, it could be that your background did not fit some of the jobs or most of the jobs or all of the jobs This could be true. Or it could be that your sole way of entry – your one page marketing document – is not quite right.

You need help to stand out.


Your resume is your primary marketing document. Most people are neither expert in personal marketing nor particularly intuitive about how to ideally market themselves.

Why? Lack of experience.

How many resumes have you created? 1-3?

How many resumes have you reviewed? Yours plus a few others?

How many resumes have you reviewed where you had hiring power? 0?

We have deep experience in each area.

What are some mistakes that you are making?

You are likely listing/describing your educational and work experiences but not much more. You are likely not tailoring your background to match the precise industry specific words needed to make it past the guard of resume scanners. You are also likely not describing what you do in a marketing savvy manner. This has nothing to do with trying to puff up your job in an inaccurate way – experienced hiring managers can see right through such nonsense. But, instead, you need to write your job descriptions in a way that illustrates to hiring managers that you know what they seek.

We know how to correct these mistakes.

Recently, we worked with a college student who created a well-crafted, technical resume. The format was professional. The wording was solid. The document was mistake free. She also had very strong credentials. She was perplexed why she was not getting calls. She also knew it was not simply the economy because her roommate was applying to similar jobs and getting some interest, even though she had a lower GPA and less significant experience.

When this student e-mailed us for career counseling, she also sent her resume. At first glance, I could not see anything out of place. I’m guessing that her parents, friends, and college placement office thought the same. In an effort to informally help her,

I told her that her resume looked generically good. I then asked what industries she was applying to. She told me and that solved the mystery. The language she was using did not fit with the industry lingo. Since I thought this was a simple fix, I simply called her and told her how to amend the resume. She wrote a thank you note a month later when she was offered a job.

Don’t let a simple thing like creating a resume derail you from getting a job. Make sure you get it done right.


We help our Connecticut clients craft resumes that help them get jobs. Our clients are all over the country but we have offices in Madison, CT and Old Saybrook, CT.