Create Your Own Career Path

Entrepreneurial is different than full on entrepreneurship

There is nothing wrong with standard career paths, particularly if your interests and passions line up nicely with the path.

But what if you do not fit in neatly with the standard job market?  Can you create a career that is built around your interests?


That’s the glib answer that you have likely read or seen in videos from various self-help gurus.

The meta-message: why stay in your lame job when you can pursue your passion?  Don’t worry about money!  You’ll end up making more money doing what you love!

As someone who did pursue my passion – leaving behind a secure career path as a lawyer – I might be an advertisement for that message.  Nonetheless, that’s not my message to all.  I know from first-hand experience – and from working with hundreds of career counseling clients who have come to follow this path – that it is not so easy.

I suffered over:

“what should I do?” – even though I had a general passion for counseling-educating, I didn’t know how that would specifically turn into a career and much like most people I had multiple interests as well

“how should I do it” – even when I started building The Learning Consultants, my main business, I was in a constant process of figuring out how what I was supposed to do

“will I have enough to pay my bills?” – as I was the primary provider for a family of five.  I suffered over this one a lot!

I wish I had a career advisor/entrepreneurial business trainer who could have efficiently led me to my answers.  While things worked out, I know that I would have moved more quickly and effectively if an experienced guide led me.

I spent far too much time trying to match my passions/interests to viable career paths.  This made me stay 3 years too long in my legal career.  Three years of “character building” (needless suffering!)

When I made the transition, I spent far too much time – which amounted to money – figuring out how to work effectively.  I wish I could have hired someone who could have trained me.

I had way too much anxiety about paying my bills.  I wished I had someone who could have explained how money worked – cash flow in particular – so I that I could have made my transition more peacefully.

I need help creating my own work.

Create Your Own Career Through Controlling Your Work Life

Some very smart people are suggesting the “death of the salaried employee”. This is an overstatement in 2015. In 2025, it won’t be.

This points to a trend that started in the early 1990s. Charles Handy pointed out in his 1989 book The Age of Unreason that most corporations would shrink to its core employees – presumably only those at the C-level – and a few hundred highly talented/highly knowledgeable specialists. Other workers would become “just in time” workers. These independent contractors, freelancers, and job hoppers would be at the mercy of the core.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You could create your own work world. You could be your own primary boss. It might be that you work for organizations when you wish. However, you will choose to work for a company on your terms. That’s the vital difference.

We can train you. Starting a business has never been easier. In a few simple sessions, we can show you how.

The gift: you will take back control of your work life.

How can Career Counseling Connecticut help me?

All of our programs, start with an initial hour that does not lock our clients into a package.  During this hour, we will craft your big picture vision.  Do so before you have career misery.  Quite often, the initial hour is all that is needed.

For those who wish to continue with Career Counseling Connecticut, we can simply work on an hour to hour basis.  Again, no need to lock into a package.  Or we customize a discounted package to suit your goals and budget.

Do you want to build your career path around your lifestyle?

Do you find yourself at a career crossroads?

Do you want your career based around your idealism?

Do you want to build your career around your strengths?

Do you want your career to have meaning and purpose?