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“Without your help, I would have spent another 6 months without a job.”  Samantha B.,  East Lyme, Connecticut


Avoid the Indeed Black Hole


How have you applied for jobs? Searched job boards. Crafted a generic resume, filled out job applications and pressed “submit.”


There is a better way.

The world of work has radically changed in the last decade.  So have job searching techniques.  But many of our career counseling clients are frustrated by their inefficient and ineffective job searching techniques.  The black hole of Indeed and Monster has led many or career coaching clients seek out Career Counseling Connecticut for help.

Usually, in one hour, we can build an effective strategy that saves our clients weeks and months of job searching time.

If you are searching for a job, you are likely focused on jobs that will embrace your marketable skills.

But you also have another job: you have to learn to market your skills.

There is both art and technique to an effective job search.

The art refers to the big picture. What do you really want to do in your career? What does your career mean to you? Does it mean the label given to your career? the activities you are doing in your job? the work situation you are in such as corporate, small business, or entrepreneurial? how much you work? how much money you make? where you live? Perhaps most importantly, does it mean that that the job defines a big part of your identity?

These are giant and complex questions that are very hard to grapple with alone.

Nonetheless, these questions have to be addressed in order to effectively craft a job search strategy.

For example, declaring that you want to have a job in “business” means almost nothing in terms of creating a defined plan for a job search. Even saying that you want to be in something more specific such as “marketing” does not answer the full question. Marketing might mean working in a large New York advertising agency or it might mean working in a three person boutique in Madison, Connecticut.

The technique of job search is far easier to understand. You need to master the essentials of networking, applying, resume creation, interviewing, and follow-up. You need each of these job-seeking skills in order to secure your next job. For that reason, you absolutely need to be expert in each aspect of the job search in order to compete in a demanding marketplace.

We help our clients with both the art and the technique of job search.

Career Counseling Connecticut has retained several top-notch job search experts with the ability to:

  • help clients gain better results from job search engines,
  • craft more effective resumes,
  • learn new tactics for entering what we call the hidden job market.

How We Can Help You In Your Job Search

There are primarily two areas of actual job search help where career counseling can be useful:

1.) Strategic positioning:

Market your skills, match your resume to meet algorithms, learn to effectively network

2.) Tactical abilities:

Create effective resumes and cover letters; and interview successfully

While many job searching clients are Connecticut college students or recent college graduates who are living in Connecticut, there are plenty of older adults who come to us for career counseling advice to help them create a good resume.

There is no doubt that having a badly presented resume can sink your chances for employment.

But, in our experience, having great formatting on your resume will not effectively land you a job unless you have carefully considered how to craft a customized resume that illustrates that you know how to create value for your would-be employer.

In addition, most recent college graduates have limited interviewing skills. They have little idea how good interview skills can make careers.