My recent book, The Parents’ Guide to Career Planning for Your Twentysomething, was published before the Covid-19 crisis hit. My advice in the book remains the same. But I will add one more item:

The crisis gives Twentysomethings a ready-built explanation to shift their job-career. Of course, I’m only addressing those who feel that they are not in a good fit. But that tends to be many career seekers in their twenties.

Here’s why: many of the twentysomethings who come to Career Counseling Connecticut are worried that they need to stay with their current job for a period of time or risk looking flaky. That’s a reasonable concern. More than a few of our career coaching clients have expressed that they knew their job was a mismatch within the first few months. But they felt the need to last at least a year and often two in order to ensure their resume looked good.

The Covid-19 crisis creates an exception to that reasoning. That your organization was restructuring during the crisis is most likely true. This may not mean that you will be laid off but you could certainly express that you were worried about getting let go and that’s why you moved on. To be clear, I advocate truthfulness. In this case, many will face actual layoffs and many more will face anxiety regarding potential layoffs. Regardless, your explanation for why you moved on after only a short period will start with: “Covid-19….”. That should be enough for any future employer to understand.

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