Career Guidance 2024: 3 New Ways of Understanding the New World of Work

If there is one area that has separated Career Counseling Connecticut from other counselors, it has been our focus on the evolving nature of work. Most career counselors – like most anyone over 40 – are stuck in paradigms ingrained from the 1990s/2000s. Historically, such a short time frame to the present would not cause […]

Career Trends in 2023

I have been running Career Counseling Connecticut for 15 years.  I started at the time of the Great Recession.  At the time, I was monitoring career trends and commented to several media outlets that we were undergoing more career change as a society than at any time in history.  Yes, even more than the Industrial […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: We have become a mental health resource

In the last few months, I have had many parents call Career Counseling Connecticut on behalf of their children.  The stories are reasonably similar.  Their children – seemingly more sons than daughters – graduated in the last few years from college or are in the midst of “interrupted college” = and have not developed career […]

Meaning-purpose…. have you found your career “calling”?

I was an attorney.  I practiced law for almost a decade. I became an educator-counselor. Why?  I am often asked. I still don’t like my answer because the single sentence: “I had a calling…” shows the tip of an iceberg, revealing only the “a-ha moment!”, as if a lightning bolt created an epiphany.  The long foundation of […]

College to Career… post Covid

Career Counseling Connecticut started in earnest during The Great Recession (2008) .Then the Great Recession hit.  Those graduating college without a clear view of what they wanted to do faced a double challenge: finding a job and finding a career that suited them. It seemed to me as I grew Career Counseling Connecticut that there […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Happiness leads to Career Success

Many moons ago, I walked into the law library of my large Washington, DC law firm.  One of the partners was reading a journal of recent legal decisions.  As he sat in a large reading chair as if he were reading a great novel, the partner I was standing next to noted: “Alex does this […]