Career counseling Connecticut
Why choose a career that causes anxiety?

“You helped more in one hour than she has in 20 sessions,” Emily said in relation to work with Career Counseling Connecticut versus her work with a psychologist.

The reason was obvious: Emily needed career help.  Her therapist dealt with coping with the anxiety of her career.  That’s needed.  But it seemed clear that Emily should change her career and crafting a new career vision in one hour was the best medicine.

I love psychology.  People fascinate me.  My life’s work has been devoted to helping others and among my very few gifts is the ability to understand my clients deeply in order to guide them to careers that will make them happy.  So, I’m a big fan of psychologists.  But they are not experts in solving practical problems.  If you have financial issues, you should see a financial advisor.  If you have legal issues, you should see a legal advisor.  And, if you have career issues, you should see a career advisor.

If you are feeling anxious with your career, we can help.