Meaning-purpose…. have you found your career “calling”?

I was an attorney.  I practiced law for almost a decade. I became an educator-counselor. Why?  I am often asked. I still don’t like my answer because the single sentence: “I had a calling…” shows the tip of an iceberg, revealing only the “a-ha moment!”, as if a lightning bolt created an epiphany.  The long foundation of […]

Post-Covid Career Building Summer

Summer!!! A natural time to unwind, particularly in the idyllic summer time. It’s also a great time to figure out your career. Here’s why: September has a different energy.  Back to school. Back to work.  If you are currently in a job you don’t like, you might feel drawn to relax in the summer more […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Happiness leads to Career Success

Many moons ago, I walked into the law library of my large Washington, DC law firm.  One of the partners was reading a journal of recent legal decisions.  As he sat in a large reading chair as if he were reading a great novel, the partner I was standing next to noted: “Alex does this […]

BS Work, BS Job….In 2022, leave if you have a BS Career

I curse in my head but rarely in writing. So I feel a bit odd writing about BS.  But there is a a fair amount of academic attention given to what Dave Graeber labeled BS Jobs in a famous essay the made the rounds for all intellectuals studying work. I listen to my clients at […]

Meaning and Purpose: The Main Reason for Career Happiness

“So, what’s the goal, to be Senator or something?” About twenty five years ago, I was a young public service attorney. I was visiting my high school friend who was with his wealth manager friend. The friend – Steve – was gregarious and direct. But he was also as shallow as the caricature of the […]

Post pandemic conclusion: When should I find my ideal career? NOW!

This wave of thought seems to be gaining momentum. I suppose that’s one of the unforeseen benefits of the pandemic. As people face mortality, they think about the meaning of life/meaning in life. Many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients have little idea what they want to do with their next job/career but they do know […]

Mental health and the post-pandemic career/job search

Career Counseling Connecticut has served our career seeking clients in the very practical endeavor of finding careers/jobs that make our clients happy and successful. Given my deep immersion in psychology/philosophy, it’s not surprising that some part of my practice has also been led to clients noting unexpected benefits: “I’ve been in my head so long. […]