A natural time to unwind, particularly in the idyllic summer time.

It’s also a great time to figure out your career.

Here’s why: September has a different energy.  Back to school. Back to work.  If you are currently in a job you don’t like, you might feel drawn to relax in the summer more than those who like their work.  In doing so, you may have the following thought: “I’ll chill in the summer and then start looking for a new job in the fall.”

Generally, most businesses slow down in the summer.  So you’ll have less work and more free time.

Generally, most businesses pick up in the fall.  So you’ll have more work and less free time.

It will be far harder to look for work in the fall.

Moreover, you need “mental space” to sort out your career.

When immersed in work, that space disappears.

Take action now to change your career.  You’ll be happy in the fall.