Career Guidance 2024: 3 New Ways of Understanding the New World of Work

If there is one area that has separated Career Counseling Connecticut from other counselors, it has been our focus on the evolving nature of work. Most career counselors – like most anyone over 40 – are stuck in paradigms ingrained from the 1990s/2000s. Historically, such a short time frame to the present would not cause […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Happiness leads to Career Success

Many moons ago, I walked into the law library of my large Washington, DC law firm.  One of the partners was reading a journal of recent legal decisions.  As he sat in a large reading chair as if he were reading a great novel, the partner I was standing next to noted: “Alex does this […]

BS Work, BS Job….In 2022, leave if you have a BS Career

I curse in my head but rarely in writing. So I feel a bit odd writing about BS.  But there is a a fair amount of academic attention given to what Dave Graeber labeled BS Jobs in a famous essay the made the rounds for all intellectuals studying work. I listen to my clients at […]

Meaning and Purpose: The Main Reason for Career Happiness

“So, what’s the goal, to be Senator or something?” About twenty five years ago, I was a young public service attorney. I was visiting my high school friend who was with his wealth manager friend. The friend – Steve – was gregarious and direct. But he was also as shallow as the caricature of the […]

The Great Resignation

Career Counseling Connecticut started during The Great Recession. For those who are over 30, you likely remember the there were a few weeks (at least) where it seemed that the economic world as we knew it was over. The world was “freaking out”. Whole companies went under. Jobs and bank accounts were devastated. We helped […]

Interview Prep

“I think I blew the interview.” Emily said. “I didn’t really know what to say when she asked me about different situations.” Emily had been given behavioral interview questions. She had been ready for the standard questions regarding her background and her interests. But when she was asked to give examples of “when you were […]

College grads seeking a job in a post-Covid world

Those who graduated college in 2020 had it the worst. My son was among those graduates. While fortunately things turned out well for him… eventually…he struggled for several months and, my wife and I struggled knowing that there was not much we could do to help. And, yes, even as a professional career counselor running […]