Career Counseling Connecticut started during The Great Recession. For those who are over 30, you likely remember the there were a few weeks (at least) where it seemed that the economic world as we knew it was over. The world was “freaking out”. Whole companies went under. Jobs and bank accounts were devastated.

We helped people find jobs and restart their careers from a very practical place. Our e-mails would read: “I need a job….”

Now, The Great Resignation is taking place. For those who have not been reading about the record number of those quitting their jobs, it’s an interesting subject to study. The pandemic has had a philosophical impact on many. YOLO (you only live once!) has taken hold. Fed up with various aspects of job nonsense, workers are resigning at an unprecedented pace.

Career Counseling Connecticut’s e-mails read: “I want to find a career that makes me happy…”

Happy to help!