Career Counseling Connecticut: The Post Pandemic Career

Some good news about the pandemic: it has shifted several paradigms: 1.) Feeling trapped in a career The Great Resignation has made it more acceptable to leave a job that was not fit. 2.) Feeling the need to maximize money As many have reflected, beyond a certain amount of money that meets basic needs and […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: 2022 Post Pandemic Career Transformation

2020-2021 has taken many things from many people. My larger company – The Learning Consultants – lost the parents of several team members due to Covid. Outside of health, economic devastation in the form of lost jobs has likely had the biggest lasting impact. The other shift has been psychological. ¬†People no longer want to […]

Career Search During The Pandemic

This has certainly been a fascinating year for Career Counseling Connecticut. Yes, every business has been affected in different ways by the pandemic, most bad but some good and I suppose we’ve been very fortunate to be in the latter category. It turns out that the pandemic did have some benefits. People had greater time […]

The Great Resignation

Career Counseling Connecticut started during The Great Recession. For those who are over 30, you likely remember the there were a few weeks (at least) where it seemed that the economic world as we knew it was over. The world was “freaking out”. Whole companies went under. Jobs and bank accounts were devastated. We helped […]