Career Counseling Connecticut started in earnest during The Great Recession (2008) .Then the Great Recession hit.  Those graduating college without a clear view of what they wanted to do faced a double challenge: finding a job and finding a career that suited them. It seemed to me as I grew Career Counseling Connecticut that there was an overlap. Those that found career paths that suited them seemed to find jobs far easier than those who were just looking for a job. As the 2010s progressed, I dug in and developed distinct methodologies to help college graduates find jobs and careers. I released my latest book: The Parent’s Guide to Career Planning for Twentysomethings based on this work. Little did I know that the percentage of parents who would need the book would grow 100 fold due to Covid. I’m sure June will not create much pressure for Connecticut college graduates as they make their way to the beach. As September approaches, many a college graduate will start to get anxious about what they will do this year. We can help.