Career Counseling Connecticut: Job Market Lessons for Twentysomethings

Career Counseling Connecticut is the second company I created.  The Learning Consultants was the first. Callie was in her late twenties when she came to work for The Learning Consultants. She said all the rights things in the interview and, on reflection, I believe that she believed what she was saying. “Hard worker. Gets the job […]

College to Career… post Covid

Career Counseling Connecticut started in earnest during The Great Recession (2008) .Then the Great Recession hit.  Those graduating college without a clear view of what they wanted to do faced a double challenge: finding a job and finding a career that suited them. It seemed to me as I grew Career Counseling Connecticut that there […]

Isn’t it a hot job market? If so, why am I having a difficult time getting hired? We can help.

Why millions of job seekers aren’t getting hired in this hot job marketJob seekers increasingly want higher pay, more flexibility, and remote options. Meanwhile, companies continue to favor candidates with several years of experience, availability to work evening or weekend hours, and willingness to work in-person. Read in The Washington Post: Joe came into Career […]

Career Search During The Pandemic

This has certainly been a fascinating year for Career Counseling Connecticut. Yes, every business has been affected in different ways by the pandemic, most bad but some good and I suppose we’ve been very fortunate to be in the latter category. It turns out that the pandemic did have some benefits. People had greater time […]

Post pandemic conclusion: When should I find my ideal career? NOW!

This wave of thought seems to be gaining momentum. I suppose that’s one of the unforeseen benefits of the pandemic. As people face mortality, they think about the meaning of life/meaning in life. Many of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients have little idea what they want to do with their next job/career but they do know […]

Career Help In the Post-pandemic Summer

Enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it. We all have. Perhaps from now until July 4th, immerse yourself in post-pandemic fun. But when July 5th comes around and you are in a job you don’t like, then recognize that you have an opportunity this summer to change your job/career. Why this summer? There is something about the […]

Learn how to interview

One of my favorite Career Counseling Connecticut success stories involved a student I knew from years past. I run The Learning Consultants and knew her from her days as an SAT student. “Meghan” had a bubbly, engaging personality from what I remembered. Now, she was 23 years old and having no luck getting a job […]

Time to start career planning

The Coronavirus has knocked the wind out of most everyone. I see both sides of the compassion-grit issue. I have compassion for all those who are anxious about moving forward. People feel frightened and freeze up. I understand. We often need some time to regroup. But even before the Coronavirus, I often would look at […]

7 Tips for the Coronavirus Job Market

Life goes on.   I realize that there are a variety of memes zipping through Facebook about “just getting by”.  I understand.  I really do.  I don’t mean to be harsh. But the words of my late Grandmother who survived The Great Depression, World War II, being widowed in her 50s, among other challenges, come to […]