Career Counseling Connecticut is the second company I created.  The Learning Consultants was the first.

Callie was in her late twenties when she came to work for The Learning Consultants.

She said all the rights things in the interview and, on reflection, I believe that she believed what she was saying. “Hard worker. Gets the job done. Responsible.” And so forth. An Ivy-league graduate with a high GPA, Callie’s initial career path seemed a bit circuitous as she had bounced in and out of couple of industries. But this is reasonably normal for twentysomethings on the initial part of their career path. As a career changer myself, I certainly sympathize with those who shift careers.

Callie’s first couple of clients liked her and so it seemed like we were off to a good start. Soon enough, however, Callie would have one reason or another why accepting certain assignments didn’t fit her.  The reasons appeared valid – helping a friend  move, volunteering for a cause, visiting family – but also irritated clients.

I called Callie and explained how the market works:

Imagine you move a new town and need a plumber. “Joe” is recommended.  You call Joe but he is busy and gives a valid reason..  So you get another recommendation and “Paul” does the job.  He does a good job.  The next time you have an issue you will call Paul, not Joe, even though Joe was recommended and even if he was busy for a valid reason.

I think the world of work is undergoing a much needed and potentially delightfully restructuring for work-life balance.

But tell your twentysomething…. the market ultimately controls employment.