Covid Career Gift: The Shift To Meaning

My larger company is The Learning Consultants. I started The Learning Consultants around 20 years ago. The authentic reason was that I felt a calling to make a positive difference in the lives of others through education and counseling. The stated reason I said to many alpha male types was an interest in the education […]

Career Change: Covid-19 May Create The “Right” Time

I was reviewing some career counseling cases from a few years back and came across this one: “I always thought it was not the right time. When 40 approached, I realized that there will never be the right time.” Melanie, a mid-level manager at a bank in Shoreline, Connecticut said.As Melanie told her tale, I […]

Action follows planning

The saddest stories of those who enter Career Counseling Connecticut’s offices are those where our client’s life has been upended and the client had no plan in place to get back up. The unexpected firing is the most common. Those that “knew it was coming” or had notice that led them to make a plan […]

Career Planning for Twentysomethings

My recent book, The Parents’ Guide to Career Planning for Your Twentysomething, was published before the Covid-19 crisis hit. My advice in the book remains the same. But I will add one more item: The crisis gives Twentysomethings a ready-built explanation to shift their job-career. Of course, I’m only addressing those who feel that they […]