My larger company is The Learning Consultants.

I started The Learning Consultants around 20 years ago. The authentic reason was that I felt a calling to make a positive difference in the lives of others through education and counseling. The stated reason I said to many alpha male types was an interest in the education space and entrepreneurship.

I was really an accidental entrepreneur. I had to create something since as a thirtysomething attorney and sole breadwinner of a growing family I was not going back to school to for a degree in education or counseling.

I needed meaning in my work. That’s the reason I started The Learning Consultants.

I started Career Counseling Connecticut right before The Great Recession of 2008. It was a passion project emanating for similar reasons: this is one of my missions

I’ve had the good luck of starting businesses that proved to be at the right moments when such businesses were needed. The success of each company has been an unexpected blessing. But my happiness from work has stemmed from finding meaning in my work.

Covid has provided the gift of reflection for many. Three of my teammates in The Learning Consultants have had parents who have passed away from Covid. Understandably, each has been reflective. In sharing their thoughts with me, each has said: “I’m so glad I’m doing something meaningful. I can’t imagine going to work now if I didn’t care about what I was doing.”

My hope is that I can help anyone seeking a career change to find the same.