Career Counseling Connecticut: Help for parents of recent college graduates

Rick, a twenty six year old from Glastonbury, CT, graduated UCONN in 2018.   He did not have a job upon graduation.  The reason: he didn’t really look for a job as a college senior. I have been running Career Counseling Connecticut since 2006.  Back then, pretty much all college seniors looked for jobs.  Now… […]

College graduation and mental health: Career Counseling Connecticut can help.

The transition into the “real world” is challenging.  Indeed, it’s an underrated challenge.   The challenge is both practical and psychological. Career Counseling Connecticut has served our career seeking clients in the very practical endeavor of finding careers/jobs that make our clients happy and successful. Given my deep immersion in psychology/philosophy, it’s not surprising that […]

Meaning and purpose: the key to a happy career

Let me start my noting that I don’t mean that meaning and purpose must be something lofty like working in a hospice. Pretty much all helping professions be it health care, education, social services qualify.  But so do various endeavors: building a business that serves others in some capacity or being part of a business […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: The Time is Now

I am retelling a pre-pandemic story. There is a well known restaurant in Madison, CT  where “Lucy” is one of its hostesses.  Three years ago, she set up a meeting for career counseling.  When she came in, I recognized her and said “don’t you work at X restaurant?”.  She smiled but it was one with […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Interacting With US Will Create Action

“Jerry” was miserable in his job and career path. But, he felt stuck.  He was 32. Young, from my vantage point, but old, from his view, to switch careers. Having graduated from college mostly clueless about what he really wanted to do, he wound up working in a small business in Stamford, CT.  After a […]

Career Change Connecticut 2022: The Movie of Your Life

You are the main character of your movie. There are a lot of ways that you could write the movie. But I’m sure that doing the same dull or uninspiring job year after year would not be one of them. A complete failure to understand that career exploration is not the same as career change […]