Career lessons from the pandemic

The tumult of the last few years has led to Career Counseling Connecticut working overtime on how to help our clients navigate their careers. Some lessons: Career and life happiness are intermingled The Great Resignation stemmed from a massive amount of workers realizing that their unhappiness in life was brought on – at least in […]

Are you a parent of a recent college graduate? We can help your child get a job.

Career Counseling Connecticut has always been a mission based business.   But post-pandemic we feel more committed than ever due to the epidemic of mental health issues facing young adults. Help for depression Your adult children will need every advantage possible. We can help: -craft a job seeking plan -train how to network -train how […]

Can I have 10% off if I am giving a college graduation gift….yes :)

“Will you give 10% off or something if I purchase your services as a college graduation gift?” A grandmother of a UCONN graduating senior asked a couple of weeks ago. Normally…. no.  But for grandmothers…. my heart strings. So… “sure” I responded. I’ve never offered a discount before.  It seems to an unprofessional and sales-like […]

My career coach….and life coach…

Career Counseling Connecticut provides…. no surprise… career counseling. But increasingly and often for young adults, career/life are intertwined. Those who know me will often say that I am their life coach. But I always emphasize that my primary function is providing career guidance. Happy to help as needed, contact us

Career Counseling Connecticut: The Post Pandemic Career

Some good news about the pandemic: it has shifted several paradigms: 1.) Feeling trapped in a career The Great Resignation has made it more acceptable to leave a job that was not fit. 2.) Feeling the need to maximize money As many have reflected, beyond a certain amount of money that meets basic needs and […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: the post college job search

The pandemic took its toll on college students. Terrible time to be in college.  But also a terrible time to think about building a career. Internships were remote.  Or disappeared. Colleges are generally terrible at helping college students with their career planning were particularly terrible in the last couple of years. Why?  Because the best […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Help for parents of recent college graduates

Rick, a twenty six year old from Glastonbury, CT, graduated UCONN in 2018.   He did not have a job upon graduation.  The reason: he didn’t really look for a job as a college senior. I have been running Career Counseling Connecticut since 2006.  Back then, pretty much all college seniors looked for jobs.  Now… […]

College graduation and mental health: Career Counseling Connecticut can help.

The transition into the “real world” is challenging.  Indeed, it’s an underrated challenge.   The challenge is both practical and psychological. Career Counseling Connecticut has served our career seeking clients in the very practical endeavor of finding careers/jobs that make our clients happy and successful. Given my deep immersion in psychology/philosophy, it’s not surprising that […]