“I’m here because life is short.”  Nick said.

Nick was twenty-seven year old who had spent five years in a dreary corporate job.  He had read Career Path of Abundance, my book related to how idealists need to find happier work and called as soon as he read my paragraphs on how “nothing will change automatically.”

Like most, he had been conditioned through our K-college cycle that change – massive change – just happens (1st grade to second grade… high school to college).  It doesn’t in the work world. Or, if it does, it usually is not wanted.  “Come see Human Resources…”

If you think life is short, then why would you spend your precious time doing something you don’t like without at least exploring career change.

“I don’t want to start over now…” so began Dave a thirtysomething sales executive from Stamford who had just expressed his “near hatred of going to work each day.”

“Well, without a career change, you will be hating your work days for a very long time.” I responded.

Life – let’s hope – is long for most.  A 35 year old might spend another 35 years working… maybe more.

Either way, you should embrace career change as quickly as possible. If your perspective is “life is short” then it certainly follows that you should seize the day and do what is more suited to your enjoyment/fulfillment/life purpose etc.

Most operate under the view that “life is long” (even if they give lip service to the view that life is short).  I think this is a good thing – better to have a long than a short life – but sometimes it leads to extreme practicality. 

If it is your philosophy that we have a long life, then being practical makes sense.  Make sure to save up for retirement!

But it also means that you’ll be doing whatever it is you don’t like doing for very long time. That makes no sense.

Cheers to a long life! Now, change your career asap.