Entrepreneur Training

I became an entrepreneur in 2000. 22 years later…. it proved to be the best practical decision I ever made. At the time, however, entrepreneurs were not nearly as admired as they are today. Indeed, my parents did not talk to me for several years about my new venture.  From their perspective, their Ivy-league lawyer […]

Exploratory Work – the secret to finding career happinesss

Stephen Covey of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People fame popularized a time management quadrant: Important-Urgent; Important Not-Urgent; Urgent-Not Important; Not Urgent-Not Important. While most will discover that not everything fits neatly into each box, there are distinct examples for each: Most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients have done very minimal exploratory career work. Most […]

Career Counseling Connecticut: Job Market Lessons for Twentysomethings

Career Counseling Connecticut is the second company I created.  The Learning Consultants was the first. Callie was in her late twenties when she came to work for The Learning Consultants. She said all the rights things in the interview and, on reflection, I believe that she believed what she was saying. “Hard worker. Gets the job […]

Meaning-purpose…. have you found your career “calling”?

I was an attorney.  I practiced law for almost a decade. I became an educator-counselor. Why?  I am often asked. I still don’t like my answer because the single sentence: “I had a calling…” shows the tip of an iceberg, revealing only the “a-ha moment!”, as if a lightning bolt created an epiphany.  The long foundation of […]

Post-Covid Career Building Summer

Summer!!! A natural time to unwind, particularly in the idyllic summer time. It’s also a great time to figure out your career. Here’s why: September has a different energy.  Back to school. Back to work.  If you are currently in a job you don’t like, you might feel drawn to relax in the summer more […]

Are you a parent of a recent college graduate? We can help your child get a job.

Career Counseling Connecticut has always been a mission based business.   But post-pandemic we feel more committed than ever due to the epidemic of mental health issues facing young adults. Help for depression Your adult children will need every advantage possible. We can help: -craft a job seeking plan -train how to network -train how […]

College to Career… post Covid

Career Counseling Connecticut started in earnest during The Great Recession (2008) .Then the Great Recession hit.  Those graduating college without a clear view of what they wanted to do faced a double challenge: finding a job and finding a career that suited them. It seemed to me as I grew Career Counseling Connecticut that there […]

Career Vision During Post Covid Summer

Summer in Connecticut is nearly perfect.  Indeed, the biggest general complaint is usually the I-95’s traffic from Stamford through New Haven and even to New London.  Through the years of career counseling, I can say with some distinctness that summer is the ideal time for most to craft a career vision. The fall is a […]

The Covid Career Transition

There has never been a more optimal time to change careers. I’ll hedge that comment by noting that economic necessity might keep you in place. But otherwise, you have a built in excuse to leave your job without job, shift companies, and flat out change your career. Why? Your story has a built in explanation. […]

Can I have 10% off if I am giving a college graduation gift….yes :)

“Will you give 10% off or something if I purchase your services as a college graduation gift?” A grandmother of a UCONN graduating senior asked a couple of weeks ago. Normally…. no.  But for grandmothers…. my heart strings. So… “sure” I responded. I’ve never offered a discount before.  It seems to an unprofessional and sales-like […]