Anxiety from work? Career Counseling Connecticut can help

“I wake up on edge… every day.” Samantha said.  As she continued, I could hear the emotion in her voice.  She had called Career Counseling Connecticut after she “hit her limit.” Samantha had the proverbial “good job”. She works for a large corporation in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  But she said she’s been working really hard […]

“Quiet Quitting” should lead to active career changeCar

Those old enough to remember George Costanza from Seinfeld might recall his famous “look busy” face.  In an effort to show his boss that he was working hard, he mastered looking busy even though he wasn’t working at all.   There is nothing particularly new about “quiet quitting”.  It’s just that the term has gained […]

Young men are in crisis

Richard Reeves, from The Brookings Institute, a think tank where I had a brief stint, has written a seminal work Of Boys and Men. Some nuggets from his book: If you are parent of a young man or soon to be young man…. Men are also struggling in the workplace. One in three American men with […]

Career lessons from the pandemic

The tumult of the last few years has led to Career Counseling Connecticut working overtime on how to help our clients navigate their careers. Some lessons: Career and life happiness are intermingled The Great Resignation stemmed from a massive amount of workers realizing that their unhappiness in life was brought on – at least in […]

Careers for the New World of Work: Yes, the Metaverse is coming….

Years ago, I belonged to the World Future Society.  I kept pace with thought leaders who were predicting how the future would unfold.   While I left the organization once parenthood began – and the future of my children consumed my thoughts – I have always been interested in how work will evolve in the […]

You can only pretend that you are happy at work for so long….

In 1995, I started my second job as federal prosecutor for the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) in Washington DC. My first job was as an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia.  I went to court several days per week.  My job was meaningful (trust me, back in the day, those who someone managed to […]

September is here… as is the job you hate

My larger company is  The Learning Consultants Our work focuses on high school students.  Every September, sizable change “just happens”.  9th grade to 10th grade leads to an entirely different set of classes (different work with somewhat different co-workers) and teachers (different bosses). Add in variation in activities (JV to Varsity or chorus to one […]