2017: Change your career now before you are forced to do so

I’m a natural optimist.  In building Career Counseling Connecticut, I love that I can provide hope to those in Connecticut who want to change their careers. So many happy career changing clients from 2016 gives me hope for more of the same in 2017.

I’m also naturally self-conscious about appearing self-serving. Suggesting that others contact Career Counseling Connecticut for their benefit seems so… ugh… self-serving. I’m also mindful that my financial situation is different than those who are on tight budgets and I worry about appearing like Mr. Big Bucks (as my wife teases me when I say “don’t worry about the money.”)

But you should read about artificial intelligence and its coming effects on white collar workers.  Here’s one article.

Unless you have an executive position, you might be in danger of being replaced within the next decade.  Sorry.  I do not like increasing stress. But I also feel it would be irresponsible not to report the truth.  Much like manufacturing jobs were gobbled up in the last few decades, white collar jobs – mostly at the lower level at first – will soon disappear.  “They took our jobs” won’t refer to foreign workers but robots.  Seriously.