2018 Career Change: Why careers in Connecticut should mean happy, healthy lifestyles

Connecticut Career Happiness
Happy Connecticut lifestyles

I grew up outside of New York.  I lived and worked in Philadelphia and Washington, DC before moving to Connecticut.  Most of my friends still live in and around those major metropolitan areas.  None provide as much likelihood of career-life balance as Connecticut.

Of course, if you are reading this on your daily commute from Fairfield County to New York City, then you’ll beg to differ!  But, if that is the case, your career is really in New York, not in Connecticut.

The lives my friends lead in those cities is exhausting.  While I-95 has terrible traffic at times, many of those areas have congested traffic at almost all times.  My DC friends have to battle with “the beltway”.  My NY friends move at a snail’s pace across the GW bridge.  My Philly friends deal with the Schukyll.  It might be hard to believe for those who regularly battle Connecticut’s traffic but I still would take Connecticut’s traffic over any of the above.

The work ethos in those cities is also different.  10-12 hour days at the office are run of the mill.  14 hour days are not infrequent.  That would be 9 am to 11 pm plus the long commutes!

I live in Shoreline, CT.  Most of those who have figured out their “career” path have lifestyles that are enviable.  They are home for their children’s events.  They have dinner with their families.  They really do have the weekends off.  That’s the beauty of living in a place where work does not dominate one’s life.

If you are not having a happy lifestyle based on your career, contact us in 2018.  You owe it to yourself.