2021: Become a master in your career

A few years ago, I watched a documentary: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. It was so good that someone like me who does not like sushi and is nothing more than a “Dad-cook” was mesmerized by the mastery of Japan’s top sushi chef. His dedication to craft, his focus on providing excellence to his customers, and his monk-like simplicity in living intrigued me. His career was essentially a spiritual quest that uplifted him as person and brought joy to thousands. That he had become “successful” in the conventional sense – famous in his niche and I assume reasonably well-off (lunch costs approximately $300) – was a by-product of finding a career match, not the goal. I just started a similar documentary: Ramen Heads. Tamita is the chef in this one and it has a similar feel. I hope it turns out as good!

I also hope that I can help Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients in 2021find the right career match. If you do, your whole life – not just your work – will be elevated.