3 Enormous Reasons for Career change

3 Enormous Reasons for Career Change

When working with clients who enter the offices of Career Counseling Connecticut, we know the natural resistance that most have for change. Here’s some reasons why you should change career/work paths that are creating unhappiness:

  1. Time (Life)

The majority of your days – 5 of 7 for most –

the majority of your hours during those days 8-12- for most ––

and the majority of your adult life – 40 years plus for most – are career based.

Why would you possibly settle for a life centered around so much time that does not make you happy?

  • Identity

I’m sure most people wish that our identities were not so tied to our careers. But the reality is that “what do you do for work?” is not only one of the first questions that new acquaintances ask but also how many people view/judge/evaluate others.  I’m not suggesting that this should be so but just pointing out reality.  I’m also not even exclusively focused on the “success” aspect of career identity. Think about two careers: “accountant” and “psychologist”.  Each is a prestigious career of equal footing.  Imagine you were told that you are going to a party where either group is predominant.   You would immediately think of the stereotypes that each career identity represents.

If you are unhappy being viewed as a [whatever it is that you do], then why would you keep that identity marker for the rest of your life.

  • Meaning of life

Trust me: as you get older, you will be more reflective.  If you feel that your work is not meaningful to you, you will start to live with regrets.  And, you will not be able to pretend otherwise.  Why live your life with regrets?

You owe it to yourself to – at least – explore career change to a career that you enjoy, makes you feel good about your identity, and fills you with meaning.