3 job searching tips during the coronavirus

Career Counseling Connecticut has successfully helped hundreds of clients with job search strategies and tactics during the last few years. Here are three areas where we help clients and where clients need expert advice.

(1) Planning Time

You want a job… right now! We understand. But the process does not work that way. Those who are unemployed are working under the following outdated parameters;

  • search for job openings
  • fill out an application
  • await contact for interview
  • interview
  • job offer

This works for summer jobs and low level jobs. Jobs beyond entry level are almost always found through the hidden job market. We explain how that works to our clients.

(2) Structure

Most of our clients approach their job searching process in a haphazard fashion. They alternate between frenzied but ineffective – cranking out dozens of applications on Indeed – and despondent and lethargic, feeling hopeless and not doing anything. We provide a distinct structure with accountability.

(3) Marketing

Job searching is marketing oneself. Even full time marketers are often terrible at marketing themselves. Our clients benefit from our expert outside eye.

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