When I started Career Counseling Connecticut in the 2000s, almost every college grad had a job immediately after college.

Even pre-pandemic, there was a shift.  I’m not sure if the shift primarily stemmed from the decline of good entry-level career-building jobs or from young adults choosing to be more careful at the start of their careers.  I think the latter is probably likely.  There are so many possibilities that analysis-paralysis afflicts many.

But… post Labor Day… reality sets in and we can help.

Navigating the vast world of work can seem daunting, especially when you’re just starting out. However, by taking intentional steps toward your career development, you can shape a fulfilling and sustainable career path. Here’s a few thoughts

1. Self-awareness is Key

2. Continuous Learning

3. Networking

4. Seek Feedback

5. Adaptability

6. Find a Mentor

7. Work-Life Balance