Are you a creative type in need of career advice?

Creative types usually have career challenges, particularly at the start of their careers.  Career Counseling Connecticut has a particular methodology that we use with creative career types that has led to a great degree of career success.

Renee is a creative type who ventured all the way from New Canaan, CT to our Madison, CT offices for career counseling. Post-college, she was floundering.  She had taken a job in a marketing entity in Fairfield County but her work dealt with analytical marketing, not the creative part.  After two and a half years, there was a mutual agreement that her work was not a fit.

Fortunately, in the last year, Renee had developed a particular marketing service that leveraged her creative skills.  She had met with excellent feedback from business people that her parents knew. So, she decided to not immediately seek a new job but to try starting a business.  4 months and 0 revenue later, she came to our offices with the thought that she needed a new career path.

I did not know enough about her particular marketing service to address whether she was more talented than others in this area.  But I could quickly see that her marketing vision, strategy, and tactics were all deficient and, even better, easily remedied.

After our initial meeting, I did not hear from Renee again, until 6 months later when she wrote a great e-mail indicating that her business had really launched!  She was making enough to pay her basic bills and she had ideas – that seemed sensible – on how to grow the business further.