Are you developing Career Trauma?

One of my friends served in the Iraq War.  He has PTSD.  Obviously, his condition affects his life.  Given his service to a higher cause, the deep camaraderie he developed and the meaning/purpose he derived from his military days, he probably – although I never asked- do it all over again.

One of our carer counseling clients – we will call her Vanessa – told me that she feels like she has PTSD from her prior job.  Vanessa had one of those nightmare bosses who not only created stress for his employees but also created paranoia for the entire team.   7 long years of mistreatment and then she was called in one day and laid off without warning.

Vanessa came to Career Counseling Connecticut as she quickly took the first job she could find.  The job was a mismatch but from what I could tell it wasn’t that bad. Her boss was reasonable as were her work hours.  She even liked her team.  But she was stressed out of her mind.  It should not have taken 10 hours with her psychologist to realize that her feelings stemmed from her previous job.  But that was her revelation and why she came in for career coaching.