Are you ending the year at the same job that you hate?

“I should have come here years ago.”  So say many who come to the offices of Career Counseling Connecticut.

Hard to believe that we are approaching Thanksgiving and then year-end soon thereafter.

If you started the year with a resolution to switch jobs or careers and you are still trudging off to an unhappy job, then it is time to change.

The common reasons why would-be career seekers stay put:

1.) Newton’s first law: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.  Career Counseling Connecticut has been so successful because we help our clients get moving.

2.) The lighting bolt fallacy: Some clients think they’ll be struck by inspiration, discover a new career path, and then dive into it.

3.) Faulty K-12 programming:  Much like number 2, many think that change will just happen to them as it did during K-12.

Most people need an outside force to change. Contact us now.