Are you reaching your career (human) potential?

I met with a highly accomplished businessman a few weeks ago. His resume was different than most who contact Career Counseling Connecticut. To be clear, Career Counseling Connecticut meets with clients at all stages in their career and certainly has numerous high academic and high achieving young adults in our clientele. But this was a high achieving man reaching 50 with – what looked like on paper – as a series of jobs and career advancement of success after success.

Quite often, someone with that type of profile seek career counseling because they are now for going for a C-level position. Those types usually meet with high powered corporate executive coaches and organizations often retain such types for those they are grooming for CEO or similar positions.

This client -who I’ll call “Jay” – was not that sort. “Yes, yes, yes…. I know” he said. “I’m doing well. I should be – and am – grateful but…I’m not happy at work and haven’t been for years.” Jay relayed his tale. He’s a naturally hard worker and while he didn’t mention, he had the bearings of someone who would be highly competent at whatever he put mind towards.

The challenge was that he had chosen – or really drifted into – a career field that really did not “speak to my soul” as he put it. “I’m not really making a difference in any positive way. Indeed, when I perform my job well, I’m creating more revenue or saving on costs but neither really benefits anyone other than the other executives in our company.”

“I’m not reaching my potential. I need your help.”

If you feel this way, we can help you also.