Are you settling in your career?

Let me start by noting that Career Counseling Connecticut is not in the business of creating starving artists.  We help our passion-filled career seeking clients either make their careers work out financially in their direct area of passion or help them figure out work that – while perhaps is not singing on Broadway – is aligned with other areas of their interests so that their work lives are happy making.

Those who have unhappy long careers usually did not invest much time, energy, and money in solving their career issues.  Most made a decision – consciously or subconsciously – to settle for steady unhappiness at work.  Unless a career crisis emerges – which oddly enough some wish for – they head to work day after day, somewhat unhappy, have fleeting thoughts of doing something else, and then get back to the grind.

If you are a fortysomething or fiftysomething career changer, you likely have had enough.  If you are a thirtysomething, you might be thinking that this is not the time to change careers.   You would be wise to talk to older folks who settled in their career and never switched because the timing was not right.  You’ll likely hear that the timing is never or, at least rarely right.   As for twentysomethings, you actively should experiment.  But your likely do not know what to do.  For those at any career stage,  we can help.    Why settle in your career?