Are you stressed about work when not working?

“I feel like I’m working all the time.”  Laurie said.when she started her career coaching session at Career Counseling Connecticut.  Her work day was fairly normal 9-6 at the office was standard.  She did have work to do at home a couple of nights a weekend and a couple of hours on the weekend.  But compared to true workaholics or those forced to be workaholics, her schedule was not particularly demanding.

Laurie described how she felt consumed.  She would dread opening her e-mails on the weekend as she might have to deal with something work related.  When she woke up, her first thoughts centered on what she had to do.  At night, she found herself preoccupied when she was hanging out with her boyfriend.  “I can’t even imagine having kids.  Where would I find the time?”

Those who try to compartmentalize work had a hard time doing so prior to e-mail/texting 24-7 connected state. Here’s the reason: our work is in our mind.   If we are working on a demanding project, we can’t help but think of what’s needed.  And, of course, with virtual connectivity, the boss/colleague/customer can disrupt our thoughts any second of our day.

While we all need time off, if our work is engaging, this doesn’t wreck our lives.  But if our work is stressful, then the “feeling of working all the time” is not inaccurate.  Your brain has been captured by your ill-suited job or career.

If so, time for a change.