Back to work: Do you feel renewed, flat, or dread?

Having experienced all three emotions in relation to work, I urge those who do not feel renewed to consider a career change.

Much of Connecticut, post-Labor Day, is experiencing the back to work blues.  Some feel flat.  This is a low feeling related to boredom and lack of inspiration.  Some feel dread.  Having to see the boss or the deadline or certain co-workers make them cringe.

Some, however, feel refreshed from the summer and ready to tackle exciting projects.  To those who have yet to experience happy work, this may seem hard to believe.  I understand.  An optimist by nature, I felt my natural positivity beaten down after several years practicing law in private law firms.  I wondered if this was just “work.” To my delight, I discovered that it was just a bad fit.  When I found work that suited me, work not only didn’t bring me down, it elevated me.

There are days that I wake up in a bad mood.  Work makes me happier.  The exact oppositive used to happen with mismatched work.

You owe to yourself to find work that makes your life better.