Career Advice 2021

For years, I have urged anyone who would listen that the world of work is changing. I have used the phrase: “the New World of Work” to describe these changes. Covid has accelerated these trends but – other than in the restaurant/tourist/hospitality or in-person industries – did not create the trends.

Career Creativity

I have used the term “entrepreneurial” in the past. This sometimes spurs confusion. So, I’m going to try “career creativity” to make the point. By entrepreneurial, I did not mean start a business but be open to having (1) multiple streams of income (2) part time jobs (3) side businesses (4) free-lance work. The world of work is more uncertain than any time since WWII. Adjust accordingly.

Career Control

Actively managing your career, as opposed to just letting in unfold according to your company’s views, has become a mandate. Most of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients who come to us after they have been laid-off were reasonably aware that trouble was on the horizon well-before the lay off. They had rumors or knew of the company’s economic turbulence or their boss’s mercurial view of them. They could have taken greater control but most waited like the proverbial frog in boiling water.

Career Exploratory Work

The one life-one career paradigm was never quite accurate. But it is now plainly apparent to most that other than for specialists, it is simply an inaccurate way to describe the work lives of most.

Indeed, even the most stable minded clients of Career Counseling Connecticut have been compelled to shift their career plans multiple times.

As 2021 approaches, embrace the New World of Work. There are many potentially great possibilities awaiting. We can help.