Career Advice: Recognize that we are living in a revolution

We are in the midst of a work revolution. Revolution may seem to be a dramatic word for a 20 year gradual process.  But most revolutions take that long.  The Industrial Revolution was 75 years plus.  The Information Age Revolution began… when… with the personal computer? With the Internet? With e-mail?  

In 1987, I typed my college papers.  In 1989, I started law school with a word processor.  In 1991, I had my first computer.  In 1995, I worked for the federal government and had access – before most Americans – to the Internet.

This Information Age Revolution has led to massive freedom (and instability) for workers. The freedom is astonishing.  If you have a business idea and a few hundred dollars, you could start a multi-national company today.  Open your computer.  Set up an account on any reputable freelancer site. Hire workers through freelancer job sites who live across the globe. 20 years ago, only really wealthy individuals could set up multi-national companies. 

There are dozens of other examples of the radical change that we are all enjoying (and enduring).  How can you benefit from the revolution?  That’s the question that I am absorbed in right now as I try to lead clients to the exciting work world that lay ahead.