Career challenge for those of multiple abilities

You might think that having many abilities is automatically a good thing in the career world.  Over the long run, it likely is for most everyone but, for periods of time, particularly at the beginning of one’s career, being a good generalist is less advantageous than being a specialist.

So, for example,  the one-dimensional brilliant computer programmer will have an easier time finding work than the multi-talented but unfocused business major.

One of the more rewarding aspects of our career counseling work has been our ability to put together a career path for those unfocused generalists.  This makes sense as well since the majority of Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients are trying to figure out their career path and are not in the same situation as the aforementioned programmer.

Career Counseling Connecticut’s experience in helping career seeking generalists does lead me to believe that over a long career multi-talented types are more successful.   But you ought to contact us now to make that happen for you sooner than later.