Career Change 2016

“I really hope I’ll have a new career by the turn of the century.” my friend Andrew said about his unhappy law firm job in New Haven.  The year was 1999.  So there were a lot of lame jokes about changing things next century.
“If I’m still doing this by year end, I may need to be in a mental asylum.” Peggy exclaimed a few Januarys ago during a start of the year career counseling session.  Peggy was an accountant in a Hartford corporation that was trimming its benefits each year and finding other ways to cut its budget at the expense of its staff while simultaneously demanding more of its full time employees.  Peggy’s last straw was when she asked her boss if she could leave to see daughter’s play and her boss responded: “I’m sorry to hear but I promised my boss that you would get this done tonight.”  Peggy realized that she had lost control of her time.  The challenge was that Peggy while knowing that she wanted to change her career had no idea to what. We worked together, about once a month, from January through April.  We took a break.  She came back in August, having gone through our career changing exercises and reviewing the “pilots” that I suggested.  She started her transition in September and October and by year end, she was happily onto a new career.
Commit to making 2016 your year to finally change your career.