Career Change: Learn From The Waves

Living on the shoreline of Connecticut has provided the opportunity of observing the ocean’s intensity. Waves are fascinating. Watching one form, approach, and break provides a metaphor for Career Counseling Connecticut’s clients. 
Little children represent those already in a career. Those who have minimal experience in the ocean will watch a wave form and approach and then get knocked over when it breaks. Those with some experience stand still but then, reluctantly, move before the wave hits them.  Those with a lot of experience will excitedly spot waves and then ride the waves for fun.
The folks at General Electric in Fairfield epitomize the same dynamic. It was no secret that GE was considering moving from Fairfield (wave forms).  In the last two years, the rumor will was high that GE was going to move from Connecticut (wave approaches) and now, of course, the wave has broken as GE is packing its bags and heading to Boston.
My career counseling clients from GE are almost evenly distributed in the three categories above (frozen/moved out of self-preservation/move with excitement).
Those who were frozen started calling career counselors only after the move announcement. Those who moved out of self-preservation called in timely fashion – sometime in the last year before the move – but called more out of fear than out of hope. “I might lose my job so I have to figure out my next move.”  Those who called with excitement said “Looks like GE’s days in Connecticut are numbered, I’m looking forward to planning my move.  Not sure what it is but I’m excited to figure it out.”