Career Change: Learn How To Change Your Career, Not Why You Are Unhappy

“I just spent 4 sessions with a career counselor who helped me understand why I’m unhappy with my career.  But I ended our work together because I realized that we had done very little to figure out what I wanted to do.”

Jane, a thirty-something client from Darien, CT, relayed in her initial e-mail to me.

“Was your career counselor a therapist by training who now does career counseling?”

Jane replied, as expected, “yes” and then relayed further that uncovering her need to get a gold star from her childhood days was not really helping Jane find a different path.

If you are unhappy with your career, you likely do not need to spend money with a counselor to uncover “why”.  You likely know why: you don’t enjoy your work, the work is not a fit, you don’t like the people, the money is insufficient and so forth.  Those reasons are helpful to Career Counseling Connecticut’s process only so much in that it will help identify areas to avoid in new career paths or new jobs within the same career path.

You don’t need “counseling” in the sense that we need to uncover deep psychological challenges related to your unhappiness with your current job.  I would be happy to discuss these issues if it served my client’s interests.  But, my clients are not investing their time, energy, and money to sort out WHY they are in unhappy work.  They want to know HOW to find happy work.

That’s what I do.  I teach “HOW”.