Career Change: Seize the day

“You were right.” Sandra said. Three years ago, Sandra was a young business analyst at a tech company in the New Haven area. It was the wrong fit. But there was nothing miserable enough to make her quit. Her boss was reasonably nice. Her co-workers were fine.  The company generally treated its employees fairly.  The problem was that Sandra had drifted into the job without much thought other than “I really wanted a job.” She had graduated UCONN but had little focus and spent the first year post-grad in a couple of unpaid internships with small companies. She made some money working at the Clinton outlets. She became desperate to get a “real job” and wound up in both a job and an industry that didn’t suit her.
Nothing is wrong with what Sandra did.  Getting “a job” is better than no job for most.  The challenge is that Sandra took the job 7 years ago.  She met me after 4 years of working in the mismatched job.
Sandra completely agreed that she needed to engage in the exploratory work that I prescribed.  She also embraced the first “pilot” career move that I suggested.  
Sandra, like many, finds the status quo more comfortable than doing something that shakes things up. So, she half-heartedly did what was asked for a few weeks and then went back to her daily grind. 
I had told her then that unless she committed herself to action or unless the company forced her to leave she would be in the same position the following year. Now three years later, she entered the office and said: “you were right.” I did not want to be right.  I wanted her to change.  That’s my mission: Help others find happy and successful careers.
Seize the day.  You are the change agent. Start your career change NOW.