Career Change: The bigger fear should be staying put

depression“I know I should leave my career but I’m too scared.” Sandra said.
“Every time I take steps forward, I become anxious and stop.”

Sandra was in her early thirties and commuting 1 hour plus each way from Guilford to Stamford through Connecticut’s bearish I-95 each morning. She would need a career make-over as her education and work history were not going to get her a new career. But neither was the problem. Fear was her challenge.

“How would you feel about doing your job as you approached 40?”  I asked.

“That can’t happen.” Sandra said.

“Well, it will if you unless you do something about it.” I responded and then added: “what’s more frightening moving into the unknown or staying with a job that has led you to a depression?”

That seemed to shift Sandra.  Fear of the unknown is naturally a challenge.  One step at a time makes the unknown become familiar. The thought of going back to school was daunting. But when Sandra began taking night classes at Fairfield, her anxiety dissipated.  “It wasn’t that bad.” Sandra was worried about meeting one of our career guides – industry experts in different fields – “what if he thinks I’m not suited for the industry?” Then she met him and was excited.  Sandra was worried about money.  After we went through her finances, she was happy to see that she had saved enough to make a career transition.

Fear.  That’s the big psychological block for most.  We can help you get through it.