Career Coach or Life Coach for Career Coaching?

Career Counseling Connecticut provides…. no surprise… career counseling.   That’s our expertise.  Those who know me will often say that I am their life coach but that may happen only as an extra thing for some career coaching clients that I click with on a deeper and more continuous level.  The bulk of my career counseling clients receive….career coaching, of course!

Why I am making this an issue?  Life coaches.  To be very clear, I am not against the concept. I don’t scoff at either the title or the service.  People get coached in all sorts of areas.  Why shouldn’t they get coached in life?

But, much like therapists who sometimes masquerade as career coaches, life coaches are not career experts.  Sure, they might suggest clients switch their careers and/or make clients deal with their current jobs.  But they are rarely experts in the world of work.

If your life is a mess, contact a life coach.

If your career is a challenge, contact us