Career Coaching Versus Fitness Coaching Investment

Career building

Steve finally came in for career coaching after two years of urging from his wife.  Skeptical by nature and highly cost-conscious, he had refused his wife’s suggestion to see a career counselor even after she said it would be a gift. When discussing the situation with his best friend, Steve changed his mind.

As Steve relayed the conversation. his friend laughed at Steve’s stubbornness and then asked a series of questions: Hadn’t Steve been unhappy for nearly five years with his career? Yes. Did Steve have a plan to change his career? No. Doesn’t Steve pay for a gym membership and sometimes for a personal trainer? Yes.

It was the last question that made Steve rethink his obstinance.  Paying for a fitness trainer is an investment in one’s personal well-being.  It made sense to Steve because his body was important to him. Perhaps because paying for fitness training was more common among his friends than paying for career counseling, he never really compared the investment.

As for his skeptical nature, Steve was less skeptical of fitness training because he readily understood what the process would entail.  Fortunately, Steve’s wife had a friend who had told her about Career Counseling Connecticut.  She discussed our career guidance process with Steve – which, by the way, is very straight-forward – and he relented.

When he left the meeting, he said what so many past career counseling clients have expressed: “I should have met you a long time ago.”