Career Counseling Advice: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

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“I drifted into my career…” Sean said about his work in a Fairfield County bank. Sean’s tale was sadly familiar.  Graduating from Sacred Heart about 5 years ago, he had no idea what he wanted to do for his career.  It dawned on him that he never had a class on “career.” He was a decent student in high school in Milford but never was really asked what he wanted to do until college visits started.  His parents – well meaning and nice – said “you’ll figure it out in college.”  So, he started college and took classes in business. He never really liked any of his classes. During his first two summers, he came back to Milford and worked with his friends in a restaurant. During his third year, he took an internship at a bank because his mom knew the manager.  He didn’t dislike the work.  But he also didn’t like it. During his senior year, he was told to just get a job.  So in the spring, he interviewed at different banks and was hired by one.

After the first year where he was learning new things and thus reasonably interested, Sean found himself growing increasingly bored.  He now just went through the motions at work. He would clock watch starting around 2 pm and then one day he “woke up” in his words and thought “I don’t want to spend the rest of my work like glancing at the clock and hopeful to get home.”

Now, as he sat my office as a 27, soon to be 28, year old, he realized that things would not change unless he did something.  We got to work.